ZOOLA Animals

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ZOOLA Animals is a fun and educational app that teaches small children about animal families and the sounds they make. The app offers more than 400 heart-melting HD photos of a mommy, daddy and baby of each animal type.


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While ZOOLA ANIMALS  is a great teaching tool, it’s really all about the kids. They’ll love the animal family photos and the togetherness conveyed, as well as hearing the sounds that each animal makes. With a quick and easy tap to the speaker, kids will hear the name of the animal, so they can learn to identify it and know what to call it. All of the ‘togetherness’ photos include the added treat of classical music melodies playing in the background.


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Best Toddler App ever!!
“The best app for a babyNo joke, this is the only app that keeps my nine month from cying. I started showing this app to him since he was 3 months. He loves it and now can go through the animals himself.”

The best animal noise apps available!
“My 20-month-old adores this app. She’ll sit playing with it for ages, mimicking all the animal sounds. By far the best of the animal noise apps available. Lots of variety in the animals and I like how it depicts the animal families plus a friendly scene as it makes it more engaging. Definitely recommend!”


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