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Riddles Now!

Challenge your mind with a huge collection of logic riddles, brain teasers and puzzles. “Riddles Now” will provide you with hours of brain-bending entertainment! Stump your friends, coworkers, and party guests with these challenging riddles, or use them to keep your brain sharp whenever you have a spare minute!   Riddles Now includes hundreds of classic riddles! Some of them might be suggested to

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Zippy Zone

          “This simple, but extremely addicting game is one of my newest and hottest games on the App Store” ▶ This free NUTS iOS game “Zippy Zone” is simple, but extremely addicting game. It has one of the simplest gameplays. Your screen is divided in black and white, and you need to swipe and move the black creatures to

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Guess The Landmark

Love to travel? Time to show us what you can do in this fun landmark quiz. Test your knowledge about World’s most famous monuments and landscapes.   Get useful information about the greatest landmarks all over the world.

Guess The Painter

Can you identify the Painting? Test your knowledge of world’s famous paintings of all times. A great quiz game for all ages. Learn about classic paintings and artists as you play.   Did you know that Vincent van Gogh painted over 30 self-portraits? Did you know that the inspiration for the melting clocks by Salvador Dali was camembert cheese melting under the sun? Did

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