Color Zoo

Learn colors with animals.

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“A beautifully put together App that will introduce your child to the wonders of colors”. Have you ever seen a red dog?, blue horse?, pink monkey?. Not illustrated! A real furry one. Learning colors has never been so fun and easy.

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Just let your child choose his favorite animals and start changing their color. With great fun, your child will learn to name and recognize colors, animals, and also learn how every animal sounds like. All this fun is accompanied with dozens of classical themes you will find yourself humming for a long time. “Color Zoo” lets the preschooler not only learn the different colors, but also teach them the names of animals and the sounds they make.
The user-interface of the game is very simple and intuitive. Whenever an animal is selected in the game, its picture is displayed on the screen, and a voiceover of its name and the sound it makes. The kid can then tap to select a color from the color palette to color the animal. When a color is selected, the animal is colored and a descriptive voiceover is again played.

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