Riddles Now!

The App for Riddle lovers!

riddles now

Challenge your mind with a huge collection of logic riddles, brain teasers and puzzles.

“Riddles Now” will provide you with hours of brain-bending entertainment! Stump your friends, coworkers, and party guests with these challenging riddles, or use them to keep your brain sharp whenever you have a spare minute!

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Riddles Now includes hundreds of classic riddles! Some of them might be suggested to solve while interviewing in leading companies to check candidates analytical skills.

“Riddles Now” is eminently suitable for training problem solving skills of children and adults. Some riddles are easy, but others will take some thinking.┬ábe patient, think out of the box. Take your time to solve the riddles by yourself first. Stuck? you can click on the hint button to get some help. Still stuck, the actual answer is available for free.

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