ZOOLA Kids Math

Learning math with fun animals

math for kids

ZOOLA Kids Math teaches preschoolers the basic math actions in an easy and fun manner. With this app, your kid will be able to easily understand addition and subtraction operations.

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math for kids screenshot

Learning mathematics, in many ways, is like learning a new language. In order for kids to learn addition and subtraction, they need to understand the nature of adding and taking away. Subtraction tends to be a concept that is especially difficult to comprehend.

“ZOOLA Kids Math” will show you that mathematics can be fun and natural to understand.

The app visualizes addition and subtraction exercises using cute animals.
Each number in the exercise will be accompanied with a groups of animals. For example: (3 + 6) will be represented with a group of three cats and another group of six cats.

math for kids screenshot

Now here comes the fun part – your kid can ask the animals for some help:

Addition: Tap the animals to group them all together. Now your kid can easily count them and get the total amount (see cats screenshot).

Subtraction: Tap the animals in the second group to subtract them from the first group. Afterwards, your kid can count the remaining animals and get the result (see hamsters screenshot).

The exercises are generated dynamically, so you will get new questions each time you play.

The app offers 3 difficulty levels for each math operation:

* Level 1: exercises in the range 1 – 5
* Level 2: exercises in the range 0 – 9
* Level 3: exercises in the range 0 – 12


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