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ZOOLA KidsTube brings high quality, educational and fun videos to your child from the great source of YouTube. We’ve carefully reviewed and gathered the best HD videos, into a friendly and very easy to use interface, to provide your child with many hours of pleasure, while learning the basic subjects ( Numbers, Colors, Letters ).

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***** Two thumbs-up! – What an incredible app. Well-done at every turn. Love the animated videos and funny animals. Friendly graphics, easy-to-use (kid friendly) interface with nice large buttons and clear icons.

*****  Educational and Fun – This is now the go-to app for my son! He is constantly on an iPhone anyways, so why not make his time more productive? This app accomplishes just that. The graphics and educational videos in this app are simply amazing. I was sort of surprised how much my son enjoyed this app.


The videos are organised in 6 categories:

  • Kids Songs – Enjoy the best-loved classic children songs
  • A B C – Introduce your child to the alphabet with exiting and varied ways
  • Numbers – Teach your child the numbers from 1-10 with fun cartoons
  • Colors – Learn the different colors with fun creatures
  • Animals – Let you child fall in love with adorable animals
  • Bedtime Music – Let you child fall asleep with the greatest lullabies and relaxing bedtime music
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ZOOLA KidsTube brings dozens of pre-selected fun and educational videos, with new ones added periodically. All videos are endorsed by real kids and true parents. Kids may enjoy the quality videos without distracting ads or inappropriate comments.

ZOOLA KidsTube was conceptualized and designed by real parents to help safe-guard their kids while enjoying the fun and vast educational sources on YouTube. We are inspired by the reviews of websites like “Common Sense Media” and “Little Clickers” which help parents find age-appropriate content.

All videos are hosted on so the app requires an internet connection.

  • Please make sure you have a good WIFI connection
  • YouTube is ALLOWED on your device in Settings > General > Restrictions
  • Note: Videos may be removed from YouTube, however we try to replace them with others regularly

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